Key Features


Save Time with Easy Turn Planning and Registration of Activities

  • Register activities day by day; for one resource at a time or for workgroups.

  • Schedule activities for workplaces according to custom-made work schedule templates.

  • Find activities such as training course days or sick days.


Stay Competitive with On Demand Validation and Proof of Compliance

  • Confirm workplace compliance at any given date.

  • Easily identify and eliminate compliance breaches.

  • Send validation reports or competence overviews to authorities and clients.


Keep Up-to-Date and Eliminate Errors with Effortless Registrations

  • Register and manage all relevant resource information: personal details, next of kin, fixed and temporary positions, and more.

  • Easily manage competences, organised into desired groups.

  • Upload certificates and access them anywhere.

  • If desired: register certificate validation.


Search, Sum and Export Your Registrations

  • Find resources with a given set of competences; combine an unlimited amount of competences in your search.

  • View and export resource reports such as person balance, CV, contact information, next of kin list and competences for individuals or work groups.

  • View and export workplace reports such as workplace balance and workplace requirements.

  • Sum days, or groups of days, such as training course days or sick days.


Meet the Software

  • A web- and cloud-based solution not bound to space or time.

  • Offering continuous updates while not affecting the user experience.

  • Allows several simultaneous users, with joint or unique datasets.

  • Setup flexibility allowing competences and requirements to be managed according to existing company procedures.

  • Offers customisable function for certificate expiry.

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Client Cases

- How the software has benefitted our clients.

Public Transportation

Strandfaraskip Landsins logo

Offshore Industry

Skansi Offshore logo

Strandfaraskip Landsins

Making Long Distances Shorter

Strandfaraskip Landsins (SSL) is the provider of public transportation to the Faroe Islands. SSL was founded on the noble and fundamental principle that the islands and their population should be connected. Every day of the week, several hundred employees and ten vessels turn this idea into reality.


For operations to run smoothly and efficiently, SSL requires software that provides a comprehensive overview of authority requirements, and the particular competences of its crew. It is also essential that the software ties the organisation closer together, by giving both staff on shore, and vessel masters onboard, access to the same data in real time. Furthermore, in order to manage the complex timetabling typical of a public transportation provider, the company requires a system allowing them to create their own work schedule templates and apply these in accordance with the expectations of different employee groups.


Crew Manager provides SSL with a solid and reliable base for smooth operations. With this software, crew competences are easily registered and monitored, compliance with authority requirements is ensured and timetabling becomes a more time-efficient task. Furthermore, vessel masters can easily access all necessary data and therefore work more autonomously, whilst bridging the gap between the onshore staff and the maritime crew. 


Crew Manager provides SSL with a reliable tool for handling complex planning tasks, registering and monitoring competences, and complying with authority requirements. Crewing staff, management and vessel masters can work autonomously, making operations run smoother and faster throughout the whole organisation. In turn, this eliminates potential errors and saves time, enabling SSL to turn their noble idea of making long distances shorter into reality.


Skansi Offshore

Exceeding and Improving Industry Standards

Skansi Offshore is a Faroese offshore company operating on the international market. The company is known for its first-class physical and human capital. Its mission is to exceed and improve the industry standard by adding a human dimension. 


The offshore industry operates in a highly regulated environment with equally complex compliance requirements. To thrive in this competitive industry, the company must be able to ensure and document that its crew complies with all client and authority requirements.


Crew Manager was originally developed in close collaboration with Skansi Offshore to ensure the system met the comprehensive demands of a crew management system in a highly regulated and competitive industry. Crew Manager ensures vessels are manned and validated in a time-efficient manner and enables such processes to be easily documented. 

As a result, crewing staff and management can focus on other tasks while the company remains competitive and aligned with all regulations.


Crew Manager saves Skansi Offshore time in workflow management and provides the company with comprehensive proof of its compliance with client and authority requirements. This helps the company maintain its competitive advantage and – as the mission states – to exceed and improve industry standards.

Want to try out Crew Manager?

Reach us at klintra@klintra.fo or +298 898989